7th Bavarian Geometry & Topology Meeting 2020
hosted by George Raptis (Univ. Regensburg) and Claudia Scheimbauer (TU München)

Time and place

Friday, December 4, 2020 virtually

Speakers and Format

As this will be an online meeting, we will have a diverse mixture of shorter and longer talks and opportunities to chat to other participants. We will have 2 one-hour talks, given by We invite Postdocs and PhD students to give short talks (5-10 minutes) in a gong show style. The intention of these short talks are to introduce ourselves to the regional community and facilitate conversations. To apply for giving a short talk, please indicate this on your registration (see below) by November 23. We will inform gong show speakers in the days after that.


We will send out the information on how to connect via email the day before the meeting. Please register for the event here.
The talks will be on zoom, and during the lunch break and for the extended Q & A after 16:00 we will use gather.town. This is an online platform where you get a little avatar and can walk around a floor plan; when you get close to others you hear and can join their conversation. Hopefully this simulates somewhat of a conference experience. In particular, this should give the opportunity to talk to the gong show speakers simultaneously.


10 - 11 Marc Hoyois
The Hilbert scheme of affine space

In joint work with Joachim Jelisiejew, Denis Nardin, Burt Totaro, and Maria Yakerson, we study the geometry of the Hilbert scheme Hilb_d(A^n) of d points in affine n-space from the point of view of A^1-homotopy theory. We determine the A^1-homotopy type of Hilb_d(A^∞) and prove that the inclusion Hilb_d(A^n) ⊂ Hilb_d(A^∞) is highly connected. In particular, we compute the cohomology of the spaces of complex and real points of Hilb_d(A^n) in some range. I will explain some of these computations as well as the motivation for them coming from stable motivic homotopy theory.

11:15 - 12:15 Kai Cieliebak
Secondary coproducts in Floer and loop homology

This talk is about joint work with Nancy Hingston and Alexandru Oancea. We describe a secondary coproduct on the Floer homology of a cotangent bundle and show that, under Viterbo's isomorphism, it corresponds to the Goresky-Hingston coproduct on loop space homology. As a by-product this gives a nontrivial extension of the Goresky-Hingston coproduct over the constant loops.

12:15 - 14 lunch break;
optional: join a coffee group
14-14:30 gong show session 1 Glöckle (Regensburg), Initial data sets and scalar curvature
Hertl (Göttingen/Augsburg), Cubical Sets and Positive Scalar Curvature
Seipel (Regensburg), Higher Multiplicites of Dirac operator on homogeneous spaces
14:45-15:15 gong show session 2 Nardin (Regensburg), Hermitian K-theory for stable ∞-categories
Traube (MPI Physik, München), Cardy Algebras, Sewing Constraints and String-Nets
Walde (TUM), Higher Segal spaces: 1,2, and beyond
15:30-16 gong show session 3 Roldan (TUM), Geometry and Topology of Random Polyforms
Winges (Regensburg), Assembly maps and aspherical manifolds
Zibrowius (Regensburg), Khovanov homology via Lagrangian Floer theory and the cosmetic crossing conjecture
16 - open end Q & A and open discussion

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