Claudia I. Scheimbauer

About me

I am a tenure-track professor at TU München. I am interested in the intersection of mathematical physics and algebraic topology, more precisely in the mathematical study of field theories using methods from homotopy theory. My research is concerned with several questions in the realm of functorial extended field theories and higher structures using tools like factorization algebras/factorization homology and derived symplectic geometry. I am also interested in the required higher categorical foundations for using homotopy theory in the study of field theories.


HigherStructures The SFB/CRC 1085 Higher Invariants was prolonged for the third funding period 2022-2025. I am a PI in 2 projects, and we are hiring!

HigherStructures The Simons Foundation has announced the establishment of our Simons Collaboration on Global Categorical Symmetries.

HigherStructures We launched a regional, but virtual, joint research seminar on Higher Structures & Field Theory Seminar.

How to get in touch?

scheimbauer AT

office 02.12.040 Technische Universität München
Zentrum Mathematik
Bolzmannstraße 3
85748 Garching