Bordisms and Topological Field Theories WS 2023/24
hosted by Claudia Scheimbauer and Anja Svraka

Time and place

Lectures: Mon 14:15-16:00, Wed 13:15-14:00
Exercises: Wed 12:15-13:00
Seminar Room 02.08.011


Studying manifolds up to diffeomorphism is very difficult. However, if we instead study manifolds up to “cobordism” and consider the disjoint union we obtain very computable groups. In fact, product of manifolds gives a cobordism ring. In the 1980’s, Atiyah and Segal realized that the notion of cobordism naturally appears when decribing topological field theories mathematically. In the course we will encounter these notions. You can find a syllabus here.

Lecture notes

Handwritten lecture notes will be available at this link and will be regularly updated throughout the semester.

Reading assignment December 4

Please read through Lecture 11 in the lecture notes. The main result is also Lecture 16 in Freed, Bordisms Old an New. Find the reading assignment in the lecture notes or here. We will discuss the material on Wednesday, December 6.

Reading assignment December 18

Discuss these questions to see whether you understoood the Classification of 2dTFTs. Reading relevant parts of Kock's book (see references) might help.

Hybrid lecture on December 6

In case you still have trouble getting to TUM, we will have a hybrid class. COnnect via: Passcode: category We will do our best to still make it a lively discussion. For this, if you join online, it is helpful if you join with video (but muted unless you'd like to ask a question). This makes the experience better for all of us.


See Fabian Roll's beautiful animations: Ingo Runkel's slides contain most of what we did.


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  8. References for manifolds

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  11. Some other references

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  20. Some further topics where these ideas appear

    Koszul duality for algebras
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Exercise classes

All the exercise sheets will be available on this page.

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